Box Blades and Rear Blades

Whether you nee a small Sub-Compact Box Blade to move dirt or gravel in your yard or a commercial duty Rear Blade with Hydraulic Tilt and Angle, the LMC Ag Line of Ground Tools has you covered.

The LMC Ag Box Blade comes in two models; Sub-Compact, available in 4’ and 5’ working Widths, and Medium Duty, available in 5’, 6’ and 7’ working widths. All units are Quick Hitch Compatible and come with Clevis Hitches. The 6’ and 7’ models have 1/2” side plates. The front and rear replaceable 6” scraper blade makes for quick and easy replacement, making the LMC Ag line of Box Blades an excellent choice.

BBSC Sub-Compact Series & BB Medium Duty Series

  • 48″ & 60″ Sub-Compact models
  • 60″, 72″ & 84″ Medium Duty models
  • Cat. 1 Clevis Hitch
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 1/2″ A Frame
  • 72″ & 84″ models come with 1/2″ side plates
  • Heavy, Durable Design

A full line of Rear Blades to fit your entire needs. From the Standard Duty BRB-2 Series blade for simple grading jobs all the way up to the 6-way BRB-908 Heavy Duty Rear Blade with Offset, Tilt and Hydraulic Angle in an 8′ model for your toughest jobs.

BRB-2 Series & BRB-9 Series

  • 60″, 72″ & 84″ Working Widths
  • 14″ Moldboard Height
  • 1/4″ Moldboard Thickness
  • 3-Position Moldboard Tilt
  • 40 HP Max
  • 96″ Working Width
  • 1/4″ Mold Board Thickness
  • Moldboard Offset, Titlt & Angle
  • 90 HP Max
  • Weight: 904lbs.


Contact your local dealer for configuration options