The LMC Ag Rotary Tiller is one of the most rugged and heavy built tillers of its class. With a strong gear-drive system on the RT Series and #80 Chain on the TC Series, The LMC Ag Tiller can get the job done. Since it comes standard with 6 blades per flange and slip-clutch PTO protection you can do more tilling in less passes with your tractor. This tiller is ideal for land- scraping, gardening and hobby farms, nurseries, or- chard operations, developers and contractors.

All Units Come Standard With

  • Six Blades per Flange
  • Heavy Slip Clutch PTO Driveline
  • Adjustable Park Stand
  • Adjustable & Replaceable Skid Shoes
  • Adjustable Tailgate for a Smooth Soil Finish
  • Cast Iron Gear Drive (RT Series)
  • Durable #80 Chain Drive (TC Series)
  • 8” Maximum Till Depth
Model Working
Blades Per
Drive System Recommended HP PTO Driveline Weight
TC-40 41″ 6 #80 Chain 15-30 Slip Clutch 337
TC-50 50″ 6 #80 Chain 15-30 Slip Clutch 374
TC-60 59″ 6 #80 Chain 18-30 Slip Clutch 412
RT4 48″ 6 Gear 20-35 Slip Clutch 642
RT5 60″ 6 Gear 25-40 Slip Clutch 732
RT6 72″ 6 Gear 35-50 Slip Clutch 822
RT7 81″ 6 Gear 45-60 Slip Clutch 1,023



Contact your local dealer for configuration options