600 Series Pull Type Sprayers


  • Available in 500 Gal and 1000 Gal models.

  • Boom kits range from 12 to 24 rows

  • Various Roller Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps or Diaphragm Pumps Available

  • Electric In-Cab Controls or Rate Controller Options

  • Bottom fill or top quick fill

  • Hydraulic tilt with detent valves

  • Richway twin head 17 gallon foam marker

  • TeeJet Technologies Matrix 430, GPS Guidance

  • Brass trigger style hand gun with 25′ hose

  • Matrix 570G without camera

  • Matrix 840GS with camera

  • Self leveling boom option

  • 15 gallon clean water tank (no potable)

  • Guidance Systems (Optional)

contact your local dealer for configuration options